ADBP awarded Nigerian Ports Authority Contract

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) has been appointed by the Nigerian Ports Authority to carry out the Project Management and Co-ordination of Dredging and Channel Design Optimization studies for the country’s primary Rivers. These include the Calabar, Bonny/Port Harcourt, Lagos and Escravos pilotage districts. ADBP will assist with the procurement and supervision of a suitable company to provide Channel Design Optimization Studies or each district. The reason for the need to review the dredging and channel design in each of the 4 areas is because the maintenance dredging costs are very high and there is concern that the existing maintenance regime may not be the most efficient possible. Therefore the studies will include:

  1. A comprehensive review of the dredging practices currently adopted and recommend ways in which these could be optimized with a view to enhancing dredging efficiency.
  2. A comprehensive review of the existing channel layouts and recommendations on how the design can be optimized for existing and future vessel traffic
  3. As part of the optimization studies, it is recognized that there may be a requirement for the consultant to undertake further studies on hydrodynamic modelling, sedimentation modelling, navigation simulation studies and navigational risk assessments amongst others.

Subsequently ADBP will assist the NPA with the acquisition of the required dredging need from suitable contractors.

The project procurement team including centre right NPA’s Engr. A.R. Mohammed (General Manager of Engineering) and centre left ADBP’s Martin Maloney (Senior Partner)