ADBP maintain their strong position in the Irish Dredging Marketplace

ADBP has maintained its strong and diverse client base in Ireland, ranging from small private operators to the large ports. In recent years ADBP has assisted or managed the dredging and dredging related activities of the following Ports and Harbours on the island of Ireland:

  • Port of Cork;
  • Port of Waterford;
  • Port of New Ross;
  • Dublin Port;
  • Dundalk Port;
  • Port of Drogheda;
  • Warrenpoint Port;
  • Belfast Port; and
  • Foyle Port (Derry).

ADBP has managed/assisted many of these Clients for several decades as the Ports recognise that dredging is a unique niche field requiring specialist knowledge of the technical activities and marketplace as well as an intimate understanding of their particular waterway. In the course of assisting these Irish Ports/harbours, a good working relationship has been developed with the regional contractors, and significant knowledge has been acquired on each of their capabilities and value for money. This knowledge can provide considerable assistance when assessing the optimum Contractor for a particular project.

Within the year 2020, Anthony Bates Partnership LLP will manage, by volume, the vast majority of dredging (>95%) on the island of Ireland. 2020 projects include the following anticipated capital and maintenance dredging:

  • Belfast Port Dredging – 900,00m³
  • Port of Cork Dredging – 400,00m³
  • Dublin Port Dredging – 1,400,000m³
  • Waterford Port Dredging – 500,000m³
  • Warrenpoint Port Dredging – 50,000m³

The physical dredging process represents only a small portion of the tasks that need to be carried out to complete a dredging project. Peripheral activities include feasibility studies, budgeting, ground investigations, detailed design, impact assessments, permitting/licensing, surveys, monitoring, plant suitability/optimisation, contract drafting, negotiation and dispute avoidance.

ADBP also manages the dredging requirements for numerous ports in the United Kingdom and further afield.

Due to ADBP’s involvement with all types of dredging projects for more than 40 years, all over the world, the company is regarded as a leading international expert within the industry, providing expert witness testimony regularly, in adjudication, arbitration and litigation proceedings.