ADBP provide input to PIANC Dredging related Working Groups

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) has continued their long term association with PIANC by providing input to two ongoing Working Groups. These groups are focused on the ‘Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediment’, Working Group 214, and ‘Upgrade of Port Terminals by increasing dredged depth’, Working Group 164. ADBP have significant experience in both of these fields over their 40 years of dredging industry experience.

The objective of the WG214 is to provide technical information and guidance regarding the state of the practice for use of sediment as a beneficial use product by drawing from existing approaches and best practices worldwide. Specific WG objectives are as follows:

  • · Review and discuss historical and current trends driving beneficial use;
  • · Discuss impediments to beneficial use and potential solutions to overcome those impediments;
  • · Review technologies and their effectiveness, limitations, and cost;
  • · Discuss the impact of sediment contaminants;
  • · Evaluate beneficial use economics, making sure that approaches are economical and affordable; and
  • · Develop guidance for beneficial use.

The objective of the WG164 is to provide guidance to port and terminal owners, designers and dredging and contractor companies in order to address the problem of upgrading existing terminals when increased depth is needed at the toe of the structures. The Working Group will provide guidance on the following subjects:

  • · criteria for survey and assessment of existing structures;
  • · criteria for setting reliability and serviceability criteria for the geotechnical and structural aspects taking into consideration increased service life;
  • · alternatives for geotechnical and/or structural improvement techniques according to structural type, ground conditions and dredging operations to be performed;
  • · dredging techniques and constraints according to soil conditions and structural types; and
  • · consideration of extreme events i.e. earthquakes in design and setting safety and performance criteria.