Peel Marina Dredging Underway Again

Despite the recent COVID-19 disruptions, the Peel Marina Dredging is off to a flying start!

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) is the appointed Lead Consultant and Project Managers on the Peel Marina Dredging Project, which is being carried out for the Isle Of Man Department of Infrastructure. The project involves the removal of approximately 44,000 tonnes of environmentally problematic silt, sand and gravel from Peel Marina, which is located at the seaward end of the River Neb on the west coast of the island. Dredging will restore the impounded depths within the marina and avoid the potential closure of a number of berths.

ADBP would like to thank the entire Project Team for their hard work in ensuring dredging would be able to swiftly recommence once the COVID-19 restrictions on the island were relaxed for construction projects recently.

While we continue to work through these challenging times, we have no doubt that, through good teamwork, the Project will continue to be a success.

Once dredged, the material is being transported in sealed trailers to a bespoke lined earthen dewatering lagoon, constructed near the marina, to allow the sediment to dry over several months.

As the Project Managers for the works, ADBP manages the various project teams throughout all stages of the project, including: initial site investigations, design, planning approvals, consents, EIA, construction, dredging and ultimately all the way through to total completion and reinstatement.

The project is ongoing and is currently expect to be conducted in multiple stages, with the dewatering lagoon site handed back in Spring 2022.