Beach Replenishment

There are two main reasons for replenishing beaches. The first, and probably most obvious, is for recreational purposes. Attractive sandy beaches bring much needed business to coastal towns. The second reason, perhaps less obvious to the general public, is to ensure that the beach continues to act as the first line of defence against the power of the sea. The advantage of a high level beach is that it dissipates wave energy before waves reach hard defences, which may be vulnerable to undermining.

Anthony Bates Consultants can advise on and supervise any proposed beach re-charge project and tailor the services required to the clients needs, be it a feasibility study or full scale management. The crucial areas of the project can be analysed including:

  • Sources of Material for Beach Recharge
  • Potential Dredging Methods and Selection of Plant
  • Potential Placement Methods
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Contract Preparation and Supervision

Beach ReplenishmentBeach Replenishment helps defend against the power of the sea

We can undertake a feasibility study or full scale management