Our People

Martin Maloney - Partner & Hydrographic Specialist
Martin has a wealth of experience in all aspects of dredging and hydrographic surveying. He is particularly experienced in the important inception stages of projects, but has experience of taking projects all the way from inception to completion. Martin formulates contract documentation for capital works, maintenance dredging, hydrographic surveys, ground investigations, environmental monitoring and archaeological investigations, followed by tender analysis and subsequent contract award. He also has considerable experience in site supervision of those same contracts including acting as the Client representative/Engineer on site for many contracts. His experience also extends to include Expert Witness work on dredging, survey and related issues.

Dr Colm Sheehan - Partner and Dredging Consultant
Colm is a chartered structural engineer, with a PhD in dredge material management, and a Fellow of Engineers Ireland. He manages the maintenance and capital dredging requirements for several Clients within the UK and Ireland. This includes managing the licensing process, baseline documents, environmental assessments/monitoring and the preparation of tender contract documents (charter, measured and term; FIDIC and ICC). He also has input into expert witness cases, port master planning and feasibility reports for proposed projects including technical, logistical and economic analyses. Site/contract supervision is also undertaken internationally in the roles of engineer, engineer's representative or client's representative. Continuous professional development has included certification in bathymetric survey software, alternative dispute resolution, Construction Design and Management (CDM), JNCC Marine Mammal Observation and hydraulic slurry transport. Colm is also currently the partnership's representative on the Board of the CEDA UK Committee and a previous recipient of the international Dredging and Port Construction Rising Star.

John Gunn - Dredging and Reclamation Consultant
John has a wide and varied experience in many aspects of dredging and reclamation projects having worked in many regions worldwide on projects varying in contract value up to 1.4 Billion USD. These contracts have ranged from sole-tenders working directly with Clients through to integrated Joint Ventures. John's background follows on from a degree in Hydrographic Surveying, working through the various engineering roles to setting up and managing projects. This has included preparing the operational framework and estimating requirements for tender submissions. Although this dredging experience is broad based John's specialist areas are reclamation projects, related soil improvement works and site supervision.

Leigh Holmes - Dredging Consultant
After receiving his degree in Ocean Exploration, Leigh has spent more than 7 years in the Middle East working on several large dredging and reclamation projects where he was involved from the tendering stage all the way through to project completion. Leigh has worked in both field, and office based positions but in particular, has amassed a wealth of experience in the tendering and cost estimating processes for both capital and maintenance dredging projects. Leigh has worked on numerous dredging proposals and estimates ranging from sole tenders, to joint ventures involving complex multidisciplinary works requiring a variety of dredging equipment. His background in the dredging sector means he is well suited to provide input for technical and cost feasibility studies, contract drafting and procurement, project management, and onsite supervision/auditing. In addition to his dredging background, Leigh has also worked on a number of offshore O&G projects worldwide providing ROV hydrographic survey support.

Alan Leslie-King - Senior Project Manager
Alan Leslie-King is a dredging and reclamation Project Manager with more than 25 years’ experience. Alan has supervised and managed the successful completion of more than 100 projects with foremost international dredging contractors. Recent years have seen Alan take a project management consultancy role where he has been involved in a number of projects as the lead or managing consultant and Client representative. Alan has worked extensively on project sites in the global market including UK and Europe; East Africa; the Middle East; South East Asia; India; Oceania; Australia; Central America and Caribbean regions. These projects have involved providing project support, deliverables and management to Clients in the major port industries; the energy (gas and oil) industry; and mining resources industry with single project values in excess US$1billion. Experience and knowledge has been gained by Alan at all levels of management, operations and consultancy including health, safety and environment; tender and estimating; project and tender evaluation including vessel suitability inspections; audit and procurement; claims assessment and mitigation and multi-disciplined dredge operations.

Guy Pomphrey - Contaminated Sediment Consultant
Mr. Guy Pomphrey is a Chartered Civil Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the Ports and Dredging industry. He has previously fulfilled roles such as UK and Ireland Manager and Oil, Gas and Mining Sector Manager for DEME. The roles involved coordinating the DEME Group activities in the fields of dredging, environmental contracting, offshore wind and tidal energy and the environmental dredging, dewatering and treatment of contaminated soil, sludge and sediments

David Rees - Survey Consultant
David has been involved with the survey and dredging industry for over 30 years. His career started as a land and hydrographic surveyor but a ten year period of employment with dredging contractor Van Oord took him into the field of dredging in 1993. He has been involved with numerous dredging projects all over the world during his career. Since 2005 he has been working as an independent consultant on marine engineering projects, including cables, wind farms and dredging. His recent roles vary between Client Representative Roles and site engineer duties. David has extensive experience of working on projects that involved all types of dredging and marine engineering plant.

Jack HC Kerklaan - Senior Marine Consultant
Jack has been involved in the marine construction industry for almost 39 years, which started in the Netherlands with Adriaan Volker Dredging Company. Experiencing 4 mergers during his prolific 33 year of contracting, he gained unrivaled expertise on large-scale dredging and reclamation projects throughout the world. Commencing as an Engineer at the Company’s head office in Rotterdam in 1977, he worked across all aspects of technical and commercial delivery from tender through to successful project execution before being appointed Managing Director for Van Oord Australia Pty Ltd in 2009. Worldwide dredging and reclamation activities brought Jack to many corners of the world like Gladstone, Tunisia, Abu Dhabi, Gabon, Nigeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Dubai, Australia and many more. He established Akuna Dredging Solutions Pty Ltd in 2011 and worked on many assignments since. Offering extensive practical and theoretical expertise, today Jack is a highly sought after dredging advisor to public and private sector Clients in the Australasia region. He offers the specialist engineering, environmental and management support to solve complex marine challenges, and brings the capability to drive innovation and value across all stages of project development.

John Hunter – Senior Marine Structural Engineer
John is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and has 46 years of experience in total, 42 years of which are post-qualification civil engineering experience, gained mainly in the design and construction of marine civil engineering works and heavy foundations, in the UK, North America, Africa, South-east Asia, and the Middle East. John relocated to Canada in 2007, and after working in Newfoundland was based in Vancouver, British Columbia. John returned to the UK in 2014 & now works on a freelance basis residing in Teesside. John specialises in design, construction and inspection of sheet piled walls, quay walls, combi-walls, piled structures, monopiles, berthing & mooring dolphins and related matters. John can also act as expert witness on marine structures and related matters.

Phil Shepperd - Coastal Modelling Specialist
Phil has worked for 22 years as a coastal modelling specialist for the marine development sector as well as the water and power industries. He has extensive experience of DELFT3D, MIKE by DHI and CORMIX-GTS with particular focus on the construction, calibration and application of 2D and 3D hydrodynamic, sediment transport and water quality models. Dredge modelling projects extend from a large port development in Sierra Leone through high profile civil projects in Bahrain and drill cuttings modelling in the Atlantic to New Nuclear Build in the UK. He also provides a full range of coastal survey management services, from tender specification and review through to on-site client representation. In a volunteer capacity, Phil is the Operations Manager (and until recently, Senior Coxswain) of the independent lifeboat stationed at Sidmouth, Devon.

Katherine Holmes - Environmental Consultant
Katherine is a Chartered Environmentalist with 14 years’ experience in the marine and coastal environmental sector. Having worked as environment manager for a major UK port and as a principal EIA consultant, Katherine has a comprehensive understanding of the UK environmental legislative framework. She is experienced in environmental consenting and Environmental Impact Assessment for marine and coastal developments across the ports, dredging and renewable energy industries. She has an established track record in obtaining marine licences.

Professor Dickon Howell - Marine Policy, Regulation and Science Expert
Dickon is an expert in marine policy, marine regulation and marine 
science and has experience in most maritime sectors including energy, ports, coastal infrastructure and nature conservation. He worked at the Marine Management Organisation for seven years during which time he held leadership roles crucial to the development and delivery of the new marine regulatory system in England, finishing as Chief Scientific Advisor. He has advised UK government and industry on marine licensing, marine planning, marine protected areas, marine renewable energy, nationally significant infrastructure and EU Directives. As Head of Marine Licensing for 3 years from 2011, he was responsible for putting in place the practical interpretation of the legislation underpinning marine licensing and implementing the marine regulatory framework as it currently stands in England.

Steve Challinor - Environmental Consultant
Steve Challinor is an environmental consultant with 25 years’ experience and provides environmental impact assessment, management and due diligence services for the development and financing of new coastal and marine infrastructure including ports, terminals, dredging and land reclamation, power stations, waterfront developments, coast defences, etc. He is the director of Green Room Environmental Consultancy Services Ltd and a former technical director, line manager and business developer for one of the UK’s largest and most successful specialist coastal and marine environmental consultancy teams. Steve has worked on projects throughout the UK and internationally and has a strong track record of projects completed within budget, to programme and in accordance with environmental and social compliance requirements. His international project experience includes environmental services to support the financing of investment projects, taking account of host country and international regulatory frameworks, environmental quality standards, and IFI performance standards and guidelines.

Dr Lindsay Jane Seiderer - Marine Environmental Consultant
Lindsay was involved in the early testing of the application of multivariate analysis to complex marine biological data at the University of Cape Town, leading to a lifelong interest in the assessment of the effects of disturbance on the marine environment. This interest encompasses the powerful statistical capabilities of the analyses together with a view of the big picture. Much of her work has revolved around the design and implementation of surveys to provide robust data during pre-operational, operational and post-operational phases of major marine infrastructure projects. She has spoken extensively in international forums on the need to provide the client with sufficiently high quality data to enable them to refute unwarranted claims against them for damage to the environment. Lindsay has given presentations to engineers and ops teams to enable them to understand the importance of holding robust scientific information against which the effects of the development may be measured in the future.

Martin Mannion - Port Expert
Martin Mannion has over 30 years professional maritime experience, the director of Mannion Marine Limited and is a Chartered Engineer, Institution of Civil Engineers. He provides technical and commercial management of and innovative solutions for port & maritime projects, master planning, port optimisation, due diligence, feasibility, design, analysis, reviews of port facilities. Projects have included container terminals, LNG and petrochemical facilities, cruise facilities, ferry terminals, general cargo, fishing harbours and marinas. Dredging experience includes port strategies, maintenance and capital dredging design, procurement and construction support, as well as reviews. Work has included harbour/quay and jetty design, rock groynes, revetments, breakwaters, concrete armour units, beach replenishment, seawalls as well as port design reviews and master planning. Clients include port authorities, terminal operators, maritime developers, contractors, consultants, government departments and financial institutions.

Founder - Anthony D Bates (1940 - 2018)

Tony spent most of his working life within the dredging industry, starting out in the 1950’s with the Essex River Authority. Tony moved to contracting soon after and amongst many things, set up Dredging International’s first UK office in the 1970’s. During his work as a dredging contractor he identified a gap in the market with regard to the link between client and contractor so in 1976 he established the Anthony Bates Partnership to assist clients and contractors alike. The Anthony D Bates Partnership LLP has now been in existence for over 42 years and has flourished during that time, with nearly 600 dredging related projects completed all over the world. Under Tony’s guidance, enthusiasm and hard work the Partnership continued to grow within this specialist field of engineering. Appropriately Tony was awarded a commendation from the industry in 2017.